Jack Heggen

Jack Heggen


  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science
  • Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Master of Physiotherapy Practice
  • Australian Physiotherapy Association Member
  • Early Intervention Physiotherapist with WorkSafe / TAC
  • Strength and Conditioning / Group Physio Rehab


Jack grew up in Lethbridge, enjoying the relaxed, active lifestyle that rural areas afford. Playing cricket, riding bikes, and climbing old blue-stone buildings, it was only a matter of time until an injury saw Jack visit a physiotherapist, which first piqued his interest in the profession. However, following high school he chased other ambitions in exercise and occupational health and fitness, studying and working in Melbourne for almost a decade. Wanting to broaden his skillset, Jack completed his physiotherapy training at La Trobe University.

Away from work, Jack can be found in his garage gym, catching some live music, sampling some of the fantastic food and drink Victoria has to offer, and reading and watching excellent science fiction.


Jack has been with Forefront Physiotherapy Geelong since 2021. Jack's professional experience includes working in acute and subacute rehabilitation settings, hospital physiotherapy, private practice, and sports physiotherapy.

With a background in exercise and sports science and a keen interest in occupational health and fitness, Jack is passionate about active therapy approaches that help people to participate in the work and activities that they find meaningful.