Neck Pain

Neck Pain

At Forefront Physiotherapy Geelong we understand that neck pain can be debilitating and frustrating, given the numerous clients we have treated in our clinic. We aim to alleviate these issues through a variety of treatment modalities and put you back on track to positive health.

The neck is a complex structure which comprises of the vertebrae of the cervical spine (C- spine), as well as the associated muscles, joints and ligaments. Neck pain occurs as a result of strain and injury to the structures of the neck but can also presents itself as referred pain. Referred pain is when the source of your neck pain is actually the result of a muscular, joint or ligament abnormality usually present in the shoulder, upper back or jaw. Headache is an example of this, as it is both a common instigator and symptom of neck pain.

Common symptoms accompanying neck pain include:

  • Generalised pain and aches to the neck
  • Tightness
  • Tenderness when rotating the neck
  • Muscle spasms
  • Headaches

Common causes of neck pain include:

  • Disc injuries within the neck
  • Facet joint sprains
  • Incorrect posture
  • Lifting heavy objects or incorrect lifting techniques
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents (TAC)
  • Workcover related injuries
  • Contact sports
  • Over rotation of the neck
  • Sleeping incorrectly

Here are 7 tips to relieve and avoid neck pain:

1. Don't stay in one position for prolonged periods of time, keep it moving!

Getting up and moving around is a simple measure that can help reduce neck stiffness and tightness. Simple measures such as standing and walking away from the desk for a short period of time can assist to greatly reduce your onset and exacerbation of neck pain. Remember, your spine loves movement!

2. Maintain adequate posture

Poor posture overtime can cause straining of neck muscles and the associated ligaments leading to chronic neck pain. To reduce and avoid neck pain ensure you are maintaining correct posture throughout your day. Ideal posture is when your head is aligned over your shoulders causing an even distribution of weight through your spine. This will reduce the pressure placed on your neck muscles to support the weight of your head and ultimately prevent the strains and tight muscles instigating your neck pain.  

3. Reassess your pillow situation

Did you know that using too many pillows during sleep is the cause for many individuals’ neck pain? The additional incline of your spine from too many pillows places increased pressure on the muscles and joints in the neck resulting in stiffness and inflammation. So, to prevent your neck pain, ensure you aren’t using too many pillows when you go to sleep at night and instead, select a pillow that promotes spinal alignment.

If you’re not sure on what pillow is perfect for you, book an appointment with one of our trusted sports physiotherapists at Forefront Physiotherapy Geelong.

4. Use your glasses

It may seem simple, but if you need glasses, wear them!

Regularly wearing your glasses can assist with neck pain as you avoid repetitively leaning and tilting your head just to read or see objects throughout the day. Overtime, these jerky movements can cause poor posture and additional tension attributing to the neck pain you experience overtime.

5. Make simple adjustments to the way you use technology

We are all guilty of staring at our phone for long periods of time, whether this be checking our Facebook feeds, choosing our next holiday destination or looking at photos on Instagram. It has become the reality of a tech-savvy generation. Our physiotherapists at Forefront Physiotherapy Geelong advise you to prop your device up on a pillow or elevate the phone closer to eye level. This can reduce periods of stress on your neck in flexion and even help to level out the weight of your head.

Simple adjustments to your technological work environment can also greatly assist in reducing neck pain. If you work regularly on a laptop or a desktop computer, make sure the computer is at eye level. This ensures a direct line of sight and prevents over correction of your posture to see the screen.

6. Get some sleep

Getting enough sleep can assist in reducing neck pain as it enables the body to heal. A disruption in sleep contributes to increased pain perception leading to decreased pain tolerance throughout your day. At Forefront Physiotherapy Geelong, our team of experts are able to provide you with tips and information on how to improve your night’s sleep.

7. Book a physiotherapy appointment online or call us!

Book a physiotherapy appointment online at Forefront Physiotherapy Geelong and get expert treatment for your neck pain today. We strive to ease your neck pain and increase your function and mobility.